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Here they are, Enjoy!!!

A place of supreb

This is 50 cent ( hamsa cantim).

This is my good
friend chella.I took this picture on his birthday.I think he wants to be a
wrapper when he grows up.

And this is a happy old man.

I love to be as old as anybody and still move my body like this old man is doing right now.

This is my cook.

I have to be honest .she is the best cook in the whole world.She cooks all sort of .....

I hate this idot!!

I mean who the hell does he think he is to put on all this nasty acts.To hell with him!

Snoop dogg or just Snoopy dog?

He wished to be called that
way, what else can i call him?

Weird , Haa haa!

This man has got a butterfly
in his gut.Help him!!!!!!!!!

Smile people.

There should never be
anything that could stop you from smileing.A little work and smileing

is good

for the